Written Warning for Preventable Accidents

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On , you had a preventable accident that brings your accident point total to: .  You have now had preventable accidents with Windstar Lines.

At Windstar Lines our motto is "Safety First, Customer Service a close second ". Accidents unfortunately do not always promote our mission or our motto as a company. Accidents damage our reputation, blemish the appearance of our vehicles, and are very costly to our company. We cannot continue to have accidents and maintain a corporate image that our customers will respect.

The purpose of this warning letter is to ensure you understand our company policy regarding accidents. If you have another preventable accident in the future, you will become subject to additional disciplinary action up to and including discharge from our company.

If you have questions on this matter, please contact your Manager or the Safety Director. It is our goal to do everything within our power to help make you successful as a professional motor coach operator. You are a valuable employee to Windstar Lines, Inc. and we want you to be able to continue with this relationship and employment with us. 

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Signed On: April 19, 2024

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