Windstar Course 7001 - Fleet Tire Safety Training

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction Video
Unit 2 Introduction Quiz
Module 2 Tire Safety
Unit 1 Tire Safety Video
Unit 2 Tire Safety Quiz
Module 3 Rims, Wheels and Hubs
Unit 1 Rims, Wheels and Hubs Video
Unit 2 Rims, Wheels and Hub Quiz
Module 4 OSHA Regulations
Unit 1 OSHA Regulations Video
Unit 2 OSHA Regulations Quiz
Module 5 Jacking and Lifting
Unit 1 Jacking and Lifting Video
Unit 2 Jacking and Lifting Quiz
Module 6 Torquing and Clamping
Unit 1 Torquing and Clamping Video
Unit 2 Torquing and Clamping Quiz
Module 7 Wheel End Safety
Unit 1 Wheel End Safety Video
Unit 2 Wheel End Safety Quiz
Module 8 Hub Pilot Service
Unit 1 Hub Pilot Service Video
Unit 2 Hub Pilot Service Quiz
Module 9 Single Piece Rims - Demount, Mount and Inflation
Unit 1 Single Piece - Dismount, Mount and Inflation
Unit 2 Single Piece - Dismount, Mount and Inflation