Breakdowns-Service Interruptions

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LastBus NumberDateDescription of what happened:Group Name:Approximate Delay to Group (In Hours)Was a Tow Required?Did we use a roadside repair service?Cost of repair or tow:

Driver took the bus without brake lights. 2nd driver refused to drive so we had to run a bus from STL.


We have a fuel leak at the Filter housing. Bus will need to be replaced. Minimal delays to the group. 150 people on 3 buses. Short runs until tonight and covering with 2.

Bus is blocking a road and is being towed.

Bob Rogers1YesNo

Driver left flashers on all day and ran the battery down

Had another bus jump

Uni softball I think2.5NoNo

Bus was dead in the morning. Service truck on the way to jump start.


Kevin said that the wipers were working until they stopped for the last 50 miles of his trip when it was raining. We went in the stairwell compartment look for wiring, tried to move the wiper blades manually but nothing would work. Kevin put rain X all over the windshields and kept working on the wipers. Eventually he got them a kick back on, but we will need to take a deep look at this. No rain forecasted for the rest of the weekend.


Chad called me to let me know that Ernie had lost air in his brakes. It sounded like there was an air leak coming from the rear. Chad already tried to close the purge valve, high, idle, and dropped a suspension to try to build tanks nothing would work. I called Ernie and tried a few more things but nothing would work. We did have a little bit of air in his tank so we tried to take off, but then the tank just dropped more so we stayed. I called a Roadside to come assist and they determined that the governor was leaking. He tried to stop the leak, but it would not stop. He told me he would be back in the morning with the governor. I confirm that the clock would stop running all night and they said yes they would start the clock again when they came back. I asked them to take Ernie to a hotel, and they said they would. I called Ernie but he didn’t want to go to a hotel and decided to stay on the bus he was ok with that.


237 clutch went out on driver Harry went to diag. 1 block from shop


No AC> not finding anyone to help

Engaged Insight0.5NoNo

Bus hit deer and had an air leak. Driver couldn’t get ahold of anyone. Spent an hour calling people because he said there was Vice grips on board only to find out we did have a set but he thought they were Allen wrenches.

Didn’t bring keys and no spare on board


Coolant loss and shut down. Mike said he could see the coolant leaking out of a hose. I asked for a picture and he sent it. It looked like the hose slipped off of the pipe. He got tools and loosened the clamp, pushed in the hose and retightened the clamp. We had only 2 gals of coolant on board, so we unplugged the sensor and drove to a fuel station to fill up. Seems like we should be good now.


Flat tire. At dinner break


Blown rear dual tire on coach 163 - Mike Pilkinton called in it in, he was helping Bob Heral
Bus tire was serviced at a Petro Center

*Juan V involved

Bob Rogers charter 103963 had a delay to group due to blown rear dual tire on coach 163 at 7:30 pm near groups dinner stop in Effingham, IL.
The group was at their dinner location during the repair. The planned dinner stop was for 1 hr., total time at the dinner location was approx. 2.45 minutes – causing a delay of 1.45 minutes.
Group was back on the road at approx. 10:15 pm

Bob Rogers2NoNo

The bus derated at hotel when pulling in for the night so no issues there. It had a red stop engine. Code for poor def quality. We tried to reset but would not come out. I started calling roadsides but there was only 4 within 80 miles. None answered. I called Joe and got him involved so we could try to get a coach heading that way by 5:30 AM to get there for their 1045 departure to the field. We had issues lining anybody up, that late/so early, in the morning with phone calls. Eventually, it got so early in the morning that we had to stop and just regroup later in the a.m.. In the morning I called a few places in town but no one was available. I called the hotel and asked them if they could provide shuttle service. They could not, but they would call to see what they could help us with. They ended up calling the school district and they are going to have a school bus there at 10:45 for the game, Joe has lined up a driver head down with a rescue bus for their departure home. Kyle is chasing the rescue bus in a relay with the laptop, tools and parts. If we cannot get this going, we have a relay to get back with, but I’m pretty sure we can get it home. So far no delays to anything

Wayne State Baseball0NoNo

Exhaust related. Have a service tech coming out to reset.

Bob Rogers1NoYes

Bus is dead. Called roadside to come jump but will be 90-120 minutes before they can arrive. Group will be delayed.


AC went out. 90 in the bus. Coach doesn’t want to wait or switch. They have to get to a game. We will need to swap buses in Orlando later today or tomorrow.

Baseball team0NoNo

Bus did not start. Called a road tech who could be there in 30 mins


089 Would not start. Dede ran them a bus. Chad called Scott at 9. Dede was on the road at 9:45.

Fuel filter or TRS sensor. We will have Justin run after it or tow it tomorrow.

Uni of Plateville2YesNo

Check the engine light on. knox sensor and derate code in samsara

Shorts Travel0NoNo

Dennis ran men’s group to lunch. Bus derated as it came out of the restaurant. Bus was derated to 3 mph. Cohen and Greg Pappas will be bringing 014 to Waverly for their return trip. No delay to the group.

Jason and Cliff are going to run up Monday am after we get a sensor.

Bv bb0NoNo

The coach had a DEF sender issue not allowing the coach to go over 7 mph, the replacement coach was dispatched to bring the group back.

RVC was delayed approx. 2 hrs. on their return yesterday from Kankakee, IL last night. They were scheduled to leave at 9:30 pm and the group left at 11:45 pm according to the drivers logs.
The group waited at the location they had the game at in Kankakee, IL

The replacement coach was 10 minutes away when driver ( Louie ) called to say that the unit may have reset/cleared warnings.

Rock Valley College2NoNo

Blew a driver's-side tag tire. Waited 3.5 hours for roadside service.

Pembroke Hill School3.5NoYes$290.00

Bus 150 lost power after dropping the group off at practice. The bus wouldn't move. A KC bus was in the area. They switched everything over to the KC bus. The STL driver will finish the trip with that bus. No delay to the group. KC mechanic is on the way to look at bus 150.

South Dakota State University0NoNo

Bus froze up at stop


The heat went out on the coach. I Ike’s the purchase of blankets if needed

Upper Iowa wrestling0NoNo
LastBus NumberDateDescription of what happened:Group Name:Approximate Delay to Group (In Hours)Was a Tow Required?Did we use a roadside repair service?Cost of repair or tow: