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LastBus NumberDateDescription of what happened:Group Name:Approximate Delay to Group (In Hours)Was a Tow Required?Did we use a roadside repair service?Cost of repair or tow:

Sean called Alec to tell him his bus shut off on the freeway. Alec’s samsara signed out and he asked for his sign in. I told him his sign in, and that the coolant was coding for him and to add coolant. Sean had told him it was just above Min when he called. I let Alec know to tell him to add it anyway as I know Sean doesn’t like to do much at all except drive. I looked 5 mins later and Sean was heading down the freeway so he was low on coolant.


Ron texted me letting me know the wheelchair backlight was on and the alarm was screaming at him. I had Ron go check to see if the wheelchair equipment was shut off and it was. I had him go and move the wheelchair seat out from under the sensor so hopefully, it could stop. It did not. I called the ABC help line and spoke with Jeff. He told me to unplug wires in the bottom bay. I called Ron back in between all the other breakdowns happening and gave him instructions and I worked on other calls while he did that. I called him back and we were getting things unplugged, but nothing was working. He said clients were starting to wait for him. I told him to shove paper in the hole and tape it while he took them 20 mins to the hotel. We had no more time to work on it. I instructed him to plug everything back in, and call me when he got there so we could keep working on it. When he called I just told him to drop down the alarm and unplug it. As soon as he dropped it, it shut off. He unplugged it and threw it up top in the racks. Big props to Ron as he did exactly what I wanted without any complaints. I can't say how much I appreciated that with how much stress was going on at the time.

Kansas City Illusion0NoNo

Alexis called me to let me know 197 was having a shutdown issue that came up while he was sitting at his spot. I was dealing with the Tera breakdown so we went over the codes. DEF level and heater codes. I instructed Alexis to call Allen and go over hard resets, pour in DEF, and check the coolant level to see if that is affecting the sending unit. None of that worked and they needed a bus soon. I called Scott to help with Tara. I called Joe Turner to see if he could get me a bus while I try to get a roadside down there quickly to help. Joe was able to line up 091 to replace the coach. The only roadside I could get was 1.5 hrs out. 091 got there just in time so no issues there. Roadside determined that the DEF sending unit had failed and we needed it replaced.

(AT) University TX Football0NoYes

Tera's coach shut down on her and we saw pressure manifold codes. Two bus move heading home. I was trying to deal with this one when I got a call about another breakdown. Scott assisted in finishing this one up. We got a rescue bus and tech down there. The tech determined we had lost the turbo en route. Tera's group filled one bus and the other took everyone else home. Coach was towed to SF

Wayne State Football1.5YesYes

Evan called about a stop engine light. We determined it was the crankcase filter that was clogged. We looked at the schedule and saw we would have some time the next morning to replace it in Grayslake, IL. I called Justin to set him up to drive 1.2 hrs for the repair. I called Peterbilt in town to make sure he would have a filter in the morning. Everything went well and was repaired.

Custom Tours & Travel0NoNo

Engine shut down red light with no samsara codes. Check all fluids and everything was good. Roadside came out and determined the coolant level sensor was no good. Shipped one to the hotel to replace it.

Wayne Sate Woman's Basketball0NoYes

Roger, I told most the day had a bunch of death codes and we switched out preventatively. Most likely a 30 minute delay to the group.


He called David about power loss. Only 40mph up hills. David determined he needed fuel filters replaced. Joe called me to let me know he will try to get to Norfolk. When he got there I instructed him to pour fuel treatment in the tank and run coach high idle through the night to treat filters. He would be passing through omaha so I would have Alexis replace filters if we are still having issues. Joe called me in Bellevue to say everything has been going well and they are making it home fine.


Brakes locked up when getting into town. They got to drop location for wrestling tournament. David Randle went over, wheelchair door, draining and building tanks, listening for air leaks, unplug interlock valve(already was), resetting coach. Seems like we have an air valve stuck or frozen. Adam dispatched another bus to bring group home after tournament. We will send 1 lin tech and driver to retrieve coach 6am Monday.


Blown tag tire.

Lewis Central HS0NoYes$163.00

Flat tire at event. Shouldn’t be any delay


EGR went out. The bus derated and back and forth causing a 30 min delay. Swapped buses for the return trip


Tom called Adam or Jackson this a.m. with a dead battery. They lined up a roadside guy to jumpstart the bus. The roadside guy didn’t bring the right materials and possibly Friday computer. We have Cowtown Charters lining up a bus in a mechanic to run up and look at the bus right now.

See great tours2NoYes

Coolant hose clamp broke, tearing the hose. Coolant was replaced.

Bus empty2NoYes$776.28

Steve took bus 239 for his trip. He got a few miles down the road from the office and his right tag tire blew. I was getting ready to leave home to head to the office. I picked Steve up on my way into the office. He then took bus 240 for his trip. He will be about an hour delayed. Hopefully he’ll still make it in time for when the group’s flight lands. I took my bus cleaner who is qualified to drive and dropped him off at 239 to wait for the tire repair person. Spare tire was put on and my cleaner took the bus back to the office about an hour later. $337.39 for cost of putting the spare tire on.

Academy Bus - Alabama A&M Football0.5NoYes$337.39

Driver was traveling north on I-29 and recieved a error code for bus shutdown. Driver stopped at Baltic exit and called mechanic. The mechanic had the driver check the engine bay and noticed that there was coolant leaking from somewhere in the engine. The mechanic called manager who had him bring another bus up to switch out.

Augustana University3NoNo

Received a call approximately 6 PM that the AC went out sometime after lunch. Driver worked with Juan to try to get it to work. We decided to line up a repair in Dallas as we went through a couple options in Texarkana with no luck. Once we got to Dallas, ABC determined the compressor was shot and it needed to be replaced. I believe we rented another coach and are sending a coach down for it.

Diamond Tours4NoYes

Driver called and said he had an engine warning light and the bus wouldn’t get up to speed. Samsara showed a code of engine exhaust gas recirculation 1 differential pressure. The bus was 10 minutes from the STL office at the time. Had the driver stop at the office and switch buses. 30 minute delay to the group.

Lewis & Clark College0.5NoNo

Us is blowing blue smoke. Having trouble going up hills.50 mins away from destination, I told him to try to get the group to their game. We will need to switch the bus out for the return trip.

Bv volleyball0NoNo

Bus lost power going up a hill and shut off. We think it is the throttle control sensor. KC has part and will install tomorrow. 15-20 min delay

Apparently the generator also quit at 6:30. Most likely we will need to replace the coach tomorrow. We will see if KC mechanic can get the generator started.

ISU Cross Country0NoNo

Jackson let me know Dan was having heating issues. I called Dan and he stated no heat out of vents. New coach so, weird. I instructed him to open heating bay and pull out a/c condenser to see the back of unit and look for water valve. While he did that I called ABC to see if I needed to know something about the new coaches. Jeff (ABC) told me nothing new and look at both valves (heating bay & above tranny via floor). He said if both are open, use heating override. Dan could not find valve even after I sent pictures and a video with a new 2022 on where to locate it. I told him to override. That did not work. I told him to wait for me and I will go do it. I was 21 mins away at the yard. He said they didn’t want to wait and they would met me off of corporate woods. I met them on the freeway on ramp at set location. I checked water valve and it was already open. I could feel and hear heater running but not hot at valve block. I wanted to check floor and told Dan I would go inside and look. Teacher said they didn’t even know it wasn’t running and they felt fine and no need to do that because they didn’t want to be late. The coach was jammed packed and doubt they will be cold. They took off, but this needs to be look at when home. Delay was less and 5 mins.


Courtney called and had a stop engine light. Check codes and saw DEF issue. Came to bus and plugged in laptop found that DEF was not being pumped. Checked injector and it looked good. Ran pump test and could not build pressure. Need pump. DSM did not have one in town. Removed one from 225 and came back to DTDSM. Replaced pump and all codes went inactive.

Arrow Stage0NoNo

Had a Mc slight. Juan called and dealt with them. Had a bus within 10 minutes of them. Turned around. Very minimal delay.


Had a Mc slight. Juan called and dealt with them. Had a bus within 10 minutes of them. Turned around. Very minimal delay.


No heat. First thought was water valves closed. Had her open heating controls in 4th luggage bay. Everything was open. I had her open the HVAC controls box to verify system position. It was in a/c override. Heat kicked on.

Stadium Fundraising0NoNo
LastBus NumberDateDescription of what happened:Group Name:Approximate Delay to Group (In Hours)Was a Tow Required?Did we use a roadside repair service?Cost of repair or tow: