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LastLastBranch LocationDate of IncidentShort explanation of the incident

Cleaner pulling into the bay made contact with the side of the bus with the door frame. Light damage to the door frame of the Bay. Mainly the skin of the door framing. Bus damage consists of about 10 foot scrape on the rub rail, small scape on back door panel and a light marker was knocked out. Marker was replaced. Warning to the Delantis was given that future damage may be grounds for dismissal. Cleaner incident, none CDL moving bus in our lot.


Driver was driving in right hand lane on Canal St in NYC. He was on the line near the left hand lane when vehicle who was 3 ft into his lane moved and scraped the bus.
Driver left the scene with no info being exchanged.


Luis called to say he was rear ended. I told him to call the police.


Semi truck knocked off mirror while our coach was stopped waiting for traffic.


Driver scrapped front bumper against high curb.


Moving along interstate 294 just outside of O’Hare airport Dale heard a Pop sound while going through the construction area, Photos show window was hit at a pinpoint spot, looks like a rock was thrown up and hit the bus.

biseGrobSioux Falls05/25/2023

tail swing accident. was parked on the street had to make a hard turn to get out and hit a pot with the right rear bumper. bus already had some damage in the same area


was making the turn in the turnaround area at the shuttle parking lot and got to close to the pole on the right side making contact with it and scratching the side of the coach and tearing the right lower rub rail off the engine door on the rear of the coach.

DeWittStruveCedar Rapids05/17/2023

Rick backed into a parked truck in the parking lot of the AmericInn in Des Moines.
He never called to let me know, I was unaware of the situation until Doug reached out to me on 05/26/2023

DeWittHauschildtCedar Rapids05/26/2023

Picking up group at the airport. Arm to the gate came down as Marc was going through


Driver went to inspect bus for tomorrows return. Found the 3rd window on passenger side was broken. Having Ballards review their security cameras for how this occurred. They believe a rock was kicked up when mowing the grass.
Manager will call me with more information.


Tara caught a parked vehicle with the tail swing of her bus. She left the parking lot to get out of the way of traffic and stopped at the next exit on the interstate to report. She did NOT get proper pictures of the scene and this was addressed with her at the time of the call.


Driver scraped barrier at airport. Did not notice damage until he returned to the yard


Deer hit drivers side of bus


Roosevelt was backing up and was watching his mirrors and thought he had cleared the light pole on the right so he was watching the mirror on the left and sideswiped the pole on the right

OrozcoSwainLas Vegas05/20/2023

The driver was making a left turn when a taxi hit the bus on the driver side on the first luggage door.
The officer is requesting the video to complete the investigation.

OrozcoSwainLas Vegas05/20/2023

The driver was making a left turn when a taxi hit the bus on the driver side on the first luggage door.
The officer is requesting the video to complete the investigation.


A car rear ended the motorcoach, there is minimal damage to the rear bumper. Police were called but they told David to just exchange information because they were busy.

HackfortMallettSioux Falls05/16/2023

Bus scrapped guard rail in tight area.


Michael did notify me the evening that he found the broken window. He did include that he is uncertain what hit it are who hit it. I did not receive copies of the photos of the damage.


Driver parked at hotel to take his break and when he returned to the bus, there was a black scuff mark on the bumper.

GretemanMerrillDes Moines05/09/2023

Making a right hand turn. Driver did not understand the amount of off tracking that the vehicle has and hit a car. Trainer was riding along. It appears she said stop. But the driver did not hear.

I pulled video. At 2:17 exactly is where he starts commencing his turn.

BeardFjellmanSaint Louis04/28/2023

I discovered damage to the front right corner of bus 88 on 5/2/23. I looked through the drivers pre-trip and post-trip pictures. Garrett Brown drove the bus on 4/26. His post-trip pictures didn't show any damage. Bruce Fjellman drove the bus 4/27 - 4/30 and never submitted any pre-trip or post-trip pictures. Bret Skief drove the bus on 5/2. His pre-trip pictures show the new damage. The damage had to occur with Bruce Fjellman when he had the bus for 4 days.

BeardAmbroseSaint Louis05/09/2023

Turning in Chicago on Wacker Street and hit a high curb. Damaged the last two bay doors and wheel skirt.


Samantha was parked along the street on Irving Park Ave around 1200 block, waiting for her group to complete. She never did see the streetlight that contacted the back of the bus, knocking out the one window and doing the corner damage to the back of the bus. See photos provided. By Samantha. Samantha should have verified all is clear on all sides of bus before moving.

LastLastBranch LocationDate of IncidentShort explanation of the incident