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LastLastBranch LocationDate of IncidentShort explanation of the incident
OrozcoPooleLas Vegas02/03/2023

Danetta was making a right turn out of the Waldorf Astoria hotel and she hit the curb when she was exiting the property.


Cleaner hit gate by dump station and did not notice damage. Happened when door opened


Another vehicle brushed the mirror and moved it in. From driver's report, there is no damage. He has passengers on board. i instructed him to get pic of driver license and cell number of person that hit the mirror and take the passengers to their meeting one mile away.


Jackalyn report the damage as soon as she noticed it at 5:40 pm. Around 12:30 pm Jackalyn was parking at the hotel on the street and believes as she was repositioning her coach so that it was straight she clipped the snow damaging the passenger rear bumper.


Ernie called me at 9:57am Sunday January 29th and reported that he just noticed damage to the right rear/bumper that was not present during any previous inspections on the trip. He is not aware of making contact with anything. Potentially the bus was hit by someone else while parked. Or potentially he had an incident without knowledge, assuming is being accurate with the information he has provided of course.

HackfortBrakkeSioux Falls01/28/2023

Turned into a light pole in parking lot causing damage to passenger side mirror and front bumper.

TurnerFjellmanKansas City01/29/2023

Bruce reported that he it a post and caused damage to 272.


Willie was repositioning the coach to pull it into the garage, as he was backing the coach up after fueling he hit a snow pile. Damaging the corner passenger side rear bumper.


Shuttle staff instructed bus to go then waved a car thru at the same time. Kevin swerved to keep the car from hitting the bus, causing him to graze the stop sign


Driver brushed a pole on the gate going into school drive

GretemanRichmondDes Moines01/25/2023

Driver needed to make a three point turn on a 1 way street. He turned too tight and struck a pole with tailswing.

HackfortKruseSioux Falls01/27/2023

Driver hit a snow bank causing damage to a rub rail trying to exit a parking lot.


Steve was moving the bus to park for the night after unloading by the front of the hotel. Conditions were snowy and windy and the lot was already snow covered. As he turned to the right, the right front bumper and right side of the bus traveled through a higher portion of the drifting snow and underneath turned out to be frozen, ice and snow packed and solid enough to cause minor damage to rub rail on right side of bus and the right side corner of the front bumper.

HackfortHimrichSioux Falls01/27/2023

Roads were very icy and windy. Driver said he was traveling around 30 mph in the bus did a gentle slide into the ditch. Bus is being towed out of the ditch, but should be able to drive away as soon as he gets out.

BeardHoogSaint Louis01/26/2023

While maneuvering at a restaurant, Steve backed into a truck

HackfortHimrichSioux Falls01/24/2023

Driver was backing in bus 118 and hit 200 & 202 in the process.

OrozcoMoraLas Vegas01/22/2023

Esteban Mora noticed damage to the passenger side rear corner of the bumper when he was at a rest stop. He is assuming he hit a snow pile while making a left turn when leaving the Ice Arena.


Driver was going up a embankment, with big rocks on the side of the road. Driver did not turn wide enough and hit rock


Josh brushed pole at Pop Century Resort while pulling out

GretemanSweeneyDes Moines01/15/2023

He had Tailswing in the parking lot of the hotel. A Truck was parked obscurely in the parking lot.

Ron could have avoided by turning the other way or he could have had someone help him make the turn.

TurnerCorradoKansas City01/17/2023

Cleaner Allysa Corrado was backing coach 143 with the help of Christopher Listion. They backed into Bruce Fjelman's car, damaging it and pushing into the ditch next to the parking lot.


Clipped awning at the Venetian

OrozcoPooleLas Vegas01/17/2023

While entering the pick up location at the Sahara Hotel, Danetta hit a flood light that was on the curb, there was not damage to the motorcoach.

HackfortWilliamsSioux Falls01/16/2023

Driver hopped a curb cutting the sidewall of a drive tire causing it to blow.


Laura turned too short around an island in the hotel parking lot. Driving over the curb with the tandems and damaging the passenger side of the coach by dragging it across a light pole ballast.

LastLastBranch LocationDate of IncidentShort explanation of the incident