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Did not enjoy the job and wanted to find something different.


Cameron had another accident. This was his third since his emploment started in January.


Ron has considered hanging it up the past year. Recently on his trip to Florida he damaged the bus in 3 separate instances. To "help" cover up the damage he chose to spray paint the bus in the damaged areas. During our conversation on 3/24 we mutually agreed it would be best if he retired.


Driver changed mind in joining Windstar


Refusal to test, Dede Emerson and I spoke to Joseph after suspicion of substance abuse. Joseph walked into my office shortly after starting this morning and I noticed a smell of marijuana in the air, the same smell was noticed by Dede in the hallway, after talking with Dede we both came to the same conclusion that Joseph may currently be under the influence. He was asked to come to my office, with Dede as a witness I stated my suspicion and requested a test to be done, understood the company policy we follow federal laws not state, he admitted to me that he would not pass a test and would be positive and preferred to terminate at this time over testing. He exited with no hard feelings stated he understood the company policy.


Tony couldn't commit to getting the drive time and training reuqired to complete the qualification process. He lives two hours from our office and thought he could commit to it. Once he moves back to St. Louis, we'll proceed with the rehire process.


Medical issues.


Teresa has a safety score of 35 for the quarter. 58 of those deducted points are due to her speeding. Teresa has been written up for this multiple times in the past. Teresa falsified her logs for March 17th and 18th to try to get time back. At this point, Windstar determined she's not coachable and liability to the company. Her employment has been terminated.


Driver got another job during the training process. He was going to go part time. As of today, he does not want to continue due to the amount of technology that we use.


Shantoya never started with Windstar. She returned home to care for her mother and when we didn't offer her money to move back down, she decided to stay in MI


Najee moved back to MD


Wade accepted a position with another company. He didn't think he'd get that job which is why he started at Windstar. He stated it was "stupid money" and his wife would kill him if he turned the job down.


Alexis' attendance and lack of attention to detail became unacceptable for Windstar's standards. We tried to coach and help him, but in the end, it was too inconsistent and became increasingly worse.


Due to attendance, Traci is being terminated from Star Destinations.


Has not heard from her


Samsara camera detected Itula using his mobile phone on March 4th, this was his 3rd violation.


Mevlin has been very difficult to get a hold. He's unresponsive to the dispatchers and his manager. He was sent an email stating that if he does not respond by end of the day March 8th, he would be terminated. He never responded.


Failed a random drug test


Didn't show up for new driver orientation. Never started for wages. Didn't respond when I reached out to him.

HomeroJimenez Jr.02/28/2023

Homero walked off the job at 9:30am on Tuesday 2/28/23.

FirstLastTermination DateGeneral Documentation