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 Incident Number Last Branch Location Date of Incident Vehicle Number Exact Location of the incident Short explanation of the incident Were there any injuries? Damage to Other Vehicle/Property? Was the accident preventable/avoidable? Type Cause DOT Recordable
StuartLincoln03/07/2021189Peru State College

Driver backed in to a pole and broke the back window of the bus.

NoNoYesHit Fixed ObjectBackingNo
HaleOrlando03/05/2021240King Street -ST Augustine FL

Making a right turn on a titer location , back on the coach rub against a Cadillac escalade

CharlesLincoln03/09/2021102Lincoln Airport

Driver scraped a concrete barrier entering the tarmac of the Lincoln airport for the Offutt NAOC run.

SchmittDubuque03/05/202163US - HY 61

Chuck was driving on HWY - 61 in Boscobel, WI and hit a deer

MoestchenDubuque03/14/202166380 - Cedar Rapids

Ernie was traveling on 380 when a semi hit the passenger side mirror of the coach

McDermottDubuque03/20/202128Best Western - Waterloo, IA

Hit fixed object. Bernie believes the damage occurred when he parking the vehicle at the hotel. He did not notice the damage till next day, he reported as soon as he became aware of the damage

Damage to back right hand side of engine bay door.

Time of incident is unknown - it requires a time to be entered, used the time that Bernie would of been parking according to his XRS log on 3/20/21

FoxSaint Louis03/25/2021130The Broadway Columbia Hotel (1111 East Broadway, Columbia, MO)

The bus was parked on Broadway per the hotel's instructions. Ken came out to the bus to find the mirror had been hit and broken. No one reported this damage to the hotel or us.

KobischkaRockford03/29/2021163Highland Community College 2998 W. Pearl City Rd. Freeport, IL

Driver parked on grass when he went to pull out the back tires just spin.

Coach needed to be towed off of grass

PearsonRockford04/09/202162Mulford Rd. Rockford

Dale was traveling on Mulford Rd in Rockford heading to pick up his group and hit a tree branch that was hanging over the road.
Damaging the passenger side mirror ( Cracking glass ) Mirror housings still in tack.

RoderiquesOrlando04/18/2021238Disney's Pop Century Resort -1050 Century Dr Kissimmee Fl 32830

Passengers asked him to drop them closest to the rooms in a area that James never been before ,and when he got there he realize it was a tight area for a bus , so he dropped them off and when was leaving the hotel he touched the stop sigh

NoNoYesHit Fixed ObjectTailswingYes
FoxSaint Louis04/30/2021201Sleep Inn - Ormond Beach, FL

Ken noticed a tree branch stuck in the top of the bus above the entry door. He said he didn't know when it happened but, that i wasn't there when he recieved the bus on Thursday. He told me there were some trees at the hotel and that had to be where it occured.

NoNoYesHit Fixed ObjectHit Overhead ObjectYes
PearsonRockford05/06/202163Black Hawk College 6600 34th Ave., Moline, IL 61265.

Bus was parked on far end of parking lot during baseball game. Batter hit a foul ball and the ball hit the window of the coach causing the window to shatter.

NoNoNoHit Fixed ObjectAnimalNo
WalkerLincoln05/20/2021144Offutt Air Force Base Main Gate

Driver scraped the metal barricade as she was going through the gate

NoNoYesHit Fixed ObjectOff TrackingYes
HrubesCedar Rapids05/28/2021193Downtown Cedar Rapids

Minimal initial info- Bus scratched bumper of other vehicle while turning.

NoYesYesHit Moving ObjectFront of VehicleYes
CypherSioux Falls06/02/2021130Travel Plaza just east of Somerset Pa on PA Turnpike

Driver was parked in a truckstop parking space and a motorhome departed the space next to him and scratched his mirror on the side of the bus. Driver didn't see it but passengers did. No license plate obtained.

NoYesNoO.V. Hit UsHit Us Parked/StoppedYes
NorthrupDubuque06/03/2021208Car Shield Field

Chuck was directed to drop the team off at the field, after following the guide to the field there was no place for him to turn the bus around.
Chuck had to back the bus out of the filed location. During backing he strapped the side of a dumpster with the back end passenger side of the coach.

NoNoYesHit Fixed ObjectBackingYes
NuehringDubuque06/09/2021163SOUTHERN LIGHT TOBACCCO FARM 3453 Rossview Rd Clarksville TN

drove into wet field per direction of location site staff.
Location staff will be paying for the toll.

ParrisCarroll06/14/2021101Element Hotel Minneapolis

Driver was moving bus in a tight area and drove rear tires through a flower bed.

NoYesYesHit Fixed ObjectOff TrackingYes
CrandallCedar Rapids06/16/2021227380 SB Between Waterloo and Cedar Rapids, Near Brandon, IA weigh station

Received text message from driver at 528am that he had hit a deer after dropping passengers in Waterloo and returning home. Pictures have been supplied.

HullLincoln06/17/2021197Fort Crook Road just exiting the Offutt AFB

Rob was pulling over to try and locate an item that an Offutt passenger left on the bus and he struck a post and broke the spot mirror and caused slight body damage just behind the door. The post was damaged in the incident as well.

NoYesYesHit Fixed ObjectAnimalYes
DavisCedar Rapids06/19/2021192Great River Rd, Fort Madison, IA Mississippi River Bridge

While crossing the Mississippi River between Illinois and Iowa the driver failed to navigate the narrow bridge and turns involved and swiped the railing of the bridge. Two side luggage panels were ripped completely off.

NoNoYesHit Fixed ObjectUnknownNo
EnloeKansas City06/18/2021130551 W 44th St, Kansas City, MO

Driver was driving south bound on W 44th and the street was tight with cars parked on to both sides. Dwaine made contact with the black ford suv the right side of the motor coach. pictures attached. Dwaine provided a diagram that is attached.

NoYesYesHit Fixed ObjectHit Parked VehicleYes
CypherSioux Falls06/22/2021206New York City - Lower Manhattan - State Street & FDR Drive

Driver went down a narrow lane and hit a fence causing damage to a rub rail on the bus.

NoNoYesHit Fixed ObjectSideswipeYes
BlazekCedar Rapids06/29/202158CR Terminal

While backing bus 212 into a parking space, driver hit bus 58. Bus 212 had bumper damage and damage done to back graphics. Bus 58's side mirror was pushed back into the windshield causing it to break.

NoNoYesHit Fixed ObjectBackingNo
HendersonCedar Rapids07/06/20211944th Avenue, Cedar Rapids

Driver hit a sign/flag on the sidewalk causing the top window above the door to break.

NoNoYesHit Fixed ObjectHit Overhead ObjectNo
 Incident Number Last Branch Location Date of Incident Vehicle Number Exact Location of the incident Short explanation of the incident Were there any injuries? Damage to Other Vehicle/Property? Was the accident preventable/avoidable? Type Cause DOT Recordable