Office Training Courses

Module 1 Dispatcher Training
Unit 1 Dispatcher Training - Introduction
Unit 2 Dispatcher Training Intro Quiz
Unit 3 Driver Fatigue Impact on Scheduling and Dispatch MANAGERS
Unit 4 Dispatcher Training Interdepartmental Flow
Unit 5 Daily Dispatch Duties
Unit 6 Daily Dispatch Duties Quiz
Unit 7 Advanced Dispatching Tips and Techniques
Unit 8 Advanced Dispatching Tips and Techniques Quiz
Module 2 Coach Manager
Unit 1 Executing Coach Manager
Unit 2 Executing Coach Manager Quiz
Module 3 Coach Manager Videos
Unit 1 Allocations & Operations Windows Overview; Vehicle & Driver Actuals; Reporting
Unit 2 Using Tasks in Coach Manager
Unit 3 Vehicle and Driver Availability
Unit 4 Coach Manager Operations Webinar
Unit 5 Driver Portal (Driver Functionality)
Unit 6 Driver Portal (Operations Functionality)
Unit 7 Driver Portal Setup
Unit 8 Operations Portal
Module 4 Hours of Service (HOS) / Relays
Unit 1 Hours of Service / Relays Introduction
Unit 2 Relay Procedure
Unit 3 Interstate Passenger Carrying Driver HOS
Unit 4 Additional Information on HOS
Unit 5 HOS Quiz
Module 5 Collisions
Unit 1 Collision Procedure