Office Dress Code Policy

The Dress for your Day policy allows employees’ discretion to select appropriate dress for the business of each workday. Employees are allowed to wear casual dress on workdays when they do not have meetings with customers, vendors or other outside third parties. When involved in any such meetings, employees are expected to wear business attire. While dress for your day is intended to be relaxed, the expectation is that employees will nevertheless wear clothing appropriate for an office environment. Traditional business attire or company apparel is always acceptable. On occasion, if visitors are expected, all staff may be required to forgo Dress for your Day and will be required to wear business casual or business attire. These days will be announced well in advance so employees can plan accordingly.

Dress for your Day clothing and appearance must:

• Be neat, clean, and professional
• Not expose an excessive amount of skin

Dress Code
Dress Code Acknowledgement(Required)