How to Prepare a Paper Log

DOT requires 11 items to be completed/entered on a paper log.

(1) Date;

(2) Total miles driving today;

(3) Truck or tractor and trailer number;

(4) Name of carrier;

(5) Driver’s signature/certification;

(6) 24-hour period starting time (e.g. midnight, 9:00 a.m., noon, 3:00 p.m.);

(7) Main office address;

(8) Remarks;

(9) Name of co-driver;

(10) Total hours (far right edge of grid);

(11) Shipping document number(s), or name of shipper and commodity;

If you are unable to get logged in to XRS at the beginning of the day and start a paper log but are able to get logged in later.  Your log would start and continue up until the point you were able to get logged in.  Your paper log would then stop and the XRS log would go from there.  You would just note on your paper log “See XRS” for the remainder of the day.  You would need to total hours or include total miles on the log since it is not completed.