What types of employment does Windstar Lines offer?

  • Full time (income potential up to 50k plus per diem and gratuity)
    • Full time drivers work an average of 4-6 days a week, and must be available to take over the road trips, and be available to work various shifts, including weekends and holidays. During peak busy periods, full time drivers are expected to be available. During slower times of the year, full time drivers are dispatched before part time.
      • Paid time off
      • Ability to participate in health insurance / dental/vision/disability and 401k offerings
      • Uniform allowance
      • Cell phone allowance
  • Part time (income potential up to 10k to 40k plus per diem and gratuity) based on their availability
    • Most of these drivers are available to drive 7 days a week and through the night but have the ability to say no to trips whenever they have something else to do
      • This position is good for people who
        • Are recently retired
        • Want to stay active
        • Don’t rely on this income as their sole source of income
        • Veterans

What types of trips would I be driving?

  • Sports related trips for high school, college and professional teams
  • Tours for adults regionally and throughout the country
  • Casino runs
  • Military charters
  • Corporate transfers
  • Ski trips
  • Fishing trips
  • Church trips and religious outings

Do I have the opportunity to take my spouse with me?

  • On occasion but you must first speak with your manager to clear with the chartering party

Do I have to reserve and pay for the hotels I stay at along the way?

  • Absolutely not. Our top notch dispatchers take care of all of this for you

What kind of motorcoaches will I be driving?

  • Windstar operates over 150 motorcoaches. We operate the following brands of coaches
    • Van Hool
    • MCI

How do I get paid?

  • All payroll is done through ADP, deposits directly into your bank account. You receive your funds on the 7th and 22nd of each month.

How much will I earn each day?

  • Windstar Lines pays either by the hour if you start and end at your base on the same day or a “Day Rate” if you spend the night in a hotel away from your home. What this means is, you are still being paid even though you are not driving.  In addition, Windstar Lines pays a per diem, you keep all gratuities you may earn, and you also have the ability to earn a safety incentive each quarter which is based on accidents and performance measures, such as hard brakes, over-speeds and HOS violations.  About 80% of all drivers earn the incentive.

Does Windstar Lines use E-logs or paper logs?

  • Windstar Lines is exclusively on e-logs. Each driver is required however to carry a paper log with him or her in the event the e-log fails while out on a trip.  In either case, Windstar Lines will absolutely never ask you to run in excess of the hours of service regulations.

Can I work out of multiple offices? I have an RV and live anywhere.

  • We do have a few drivers who move from location to location based on our needs and their desires. We also have a few drivers who work for us in the spring, summer and fall then move south for the winter.  We can work with this as long as it’s discussed prior to the offer of employment.

I really struggle with driving thought the night. Will I have to do this?

  • Our customers choose when they want to leave and where from, because of this, and our geographical location, we often travel through the night. If you struggle to see or stay awake at night, you will need to discuss with your manager.