Credit Card Acceptance Form

Cardholder Agreement

Credit Card Policy

 The company credit card should be used for approved business use only. 

 Credit cards are issued at the discretion of Windstar Lines, Inc. to current employees who are granted a formal delegation of purchasing authority. Delegation of purchasing authority governs the use of the credit card as a tool for emergency use only. Any purchase on this card must be authorized prior to using.

All unauthorized or personal charges will result in a $25 processing fee to the card holder, in addition to the cost of the unauthorized item charged.  This will be automatically withdrawn from your paycheck. 

The cardholder agrees to comply with all applicable Windstar Lines, Inc. policies and procedures and this Cardholder agreement. When signed and accepted, this form acts to assign the formal delegation of purchase authority to a current employee to execute credit card purchases.

Compliance with Policy, Violations and Consequences

Employee violations to this agreement, or to any policy regarding the purchase of goods or services, will be investigated and may result in either one or more of the following actions: written warning, revocation of credit card privileges, cancellation of delegation of purchasing authority, disciplinary action, and termination and/or criminal prosecution. Human error and extraordinary circumstances may be taken into consideration when investigating any violation to this agreement.

Windstar Lines, Inc. has the authority to investigate and to determine whether a violation of procurement policy has occurred, and to recommend actions that may be taken because of such determinations. Windstar Lines, Inc. will consider the facts and circumstances of each incident, and will take action as deemed appropriate, and as permitted by applicable law and/or policy. Credit Card violations include but are not limited to:

  • Purchase of items for personal use
  • Failure to return the credit card when an employee is reassigned, terminated or upon request.
  • Failure to turn in receipts or other back up documentation to the Windstar Lines, Inc. with daily trip packets for the purpose of establishing accountable reconciliation procedures.
  • Any other usage or actions deemed detrimental to Windstar Lines, Inc.

Ownership and Cancellation of the Credit Card

The credit card remains property of the Windstar Lines, Inc. It may not be transferred to, assigned to, or used by anyone other than the designated Cardholder. The Cardholder is accountable for the activity on the card. The bank or Windstar Lines, Inc. may suspend or cancel Cardholder privileges at any time for any reason. The Cardholder will surrender the credit card upon request to Windstar Lines, Inc or any authorized agent of the Bank.

Receipts – Please read carefully!!

It is the Cardholder's responsibility to obtain transaction receipts from the merchant each time the credit card is used. Individual transaction receipts are to be submitted via TSS form no later than 24 hours after transaction time. Failure to do so will be considered a violation. Please include charter/movement numbers!!!. The office must keep statement data and proof of reconciliation, including receipts, on file for a period consistent with the record retention requirements of the law.

Typical disciplinary actions for missing receipts:

1st offense:  $25.00 fee and Written Warning

2nd offense: $50.00 fee Payroll Deduction & Written Warning

3rd offense: $100 Payroll Deduction & Termination of Card Privileges

Disputed Items

It is the Cardholder's responsibility to assist management with follow-up on any erroneous charges, returns or adjustments to ensure proper credit is given on subsequent statements.

Protecting the Credit Card

The credit card is valuable property which requires proper treatment by the Cardholder to protect it from misuse by unauthorized parties.

Validation and Safekeeping

Sign the credit card immediately upon receipt. The credit card should always be treated with the same care as personal credit cards, bankcards, cash and checks. Keep your card(s) in an accessible, but secure location.

When the expiration date is passed and/or after you have received a new credit card, turn your old credit card into the bookkeeper for proper disposal. Make sure the credit card is returned to you after each charge and verify that the returned credit card has your name on it.

Lost or Stolen Credit Cards

If the credit card is lost or stolen, contact the Bank's 24-hour toll-free number immediately, in addition to notifying your immediate supervisor.

By signing below the cardholder agrees to the above terms and conditions.

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