Course 3000 – Sales Training

Sales force training, tips and tricks for improving sales, closing orders and providing excellent customer service while getting the information you need to support your organization.

Module 1 Sales Training
Unit 1 Sales Training Intro (will need additional info)
Unit 2 Sales Training Intro Quiz
Unit 3 Driver Fatigue Impact on Scheduling and Dispatch SALES
Unit 4 Sales Process
Module 2 Coach Manager
Unit 1 Client Entry
Unit 2 Adding Locations
Module 3 Coach Manager
There are no units in this module.
Module 4 Coach Manager Videos
Unit 1 Client Master Records; Driver Master Records; Quotation Window
Unit 2 Advanced Quotation Functionality; Converting Quotations to Charters; Client Paperwork and Communication
Unit 3 Client Portal
Unit 4 Coach Manager Sales Process Tips
Unit 5 How to Convert a Quote to a Charter
Unit 6 Making Payments in Coach Manager
Unit 7 Online Quotations - Instant Pricing
Unit 8 Quick Quote - Demo Only
Unit 9 Quick Quote - Full Explanation and Demo
Unit 10 Quoting with Vehicle Variations