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Restroom Service

Pull values to dump restroom and hook up hose to flush system. While water is running through the tank for cleaning, go inside the restroom and press the flushing button for the toilet to clear the line. (Bus needs to be dumped and refilled a minimum of 3 times until clear water is seen in the toilet). Close the valves and fill the tank with fresh water. Take 3oz. of toilet chemical in the bus and dump into toilet. Add 1 cup of softener salt when temperatures are 20 degrees or below.(Required)
Use All-purpose cleaner to wipe down every single square inch of the restroom including the walls and inside of the door. Clean the stainless steel toilet itself. Use Glass Cleaner to clean mirror(s). Empty trash and put a new liner in. Put on new roll of toilet paper on if less than 50% on roll. Check hand sanitizer and refill if bottle is less than 50% full.(Required)

Seating and Overhead Compartments Service

Remove all trash from coach including anything in the overhead compartments, nets or cup holders on the back of seats, and trash stuck between seats and the wall.(Required)
Starting from the back of the bus, sweep the entire bus. Make sure when you get to the front of the bus you look under the seats to make sure you have every bit of dirt removed. Re-sweep if needed.(Required)
Wipe down the handrails and/or compartment doors with All-purpose cleaner. Wipe down the inside of the compartments if needed.(Required)
Wipe down baseboards, metal strips and any white strips throughout the coach with All-purpose cleaner.(Required)
Wipe down all arm and footrests with All-purpose cleaner. Make sure to wipe down any seat back tray and/or cup holders.(Required)
Put ALL seats, footrests, and tray tables in the upright position. Put armrests in downward position.(Required)

Window Service

Put all blinds in the upright position.(Required)
Straighten all curtains throughout the bus.(Required)
Using glass cleaner, clean every inside window from top to bottom. (Remove any tape or residue with razor blade if needed). Make sure there are no streaks.(Required)
Using glass cleaner wipe down all TV Monitors.(Required)

Cabin Floor Service

Vacuum entire coach including every seat. If there is any gum, candy or stains on the seats please remove immediately.(Required)
If the bus has a carpeted aisle, that carpet must be vacuumed thoroughly.(Required)
Using All-purpose cleaner scrub the cabin area starting in the restroom and working your way to the front. This should be done by hand with a rag and hot water. Change water when necessary. If there is any candy or gum stuck to the floor it must be removed immediately.(Required)


Driver Area Service

Put the driver’s shades in the upright position.(Required)
Using glass cleaner, clean the inside of the windshields and the driver’s side windows. (Very important that these areas are not streaky or spotty)(Required)
Using All-purpose cleaner, clean the entire driver area including the steering wheel, entry way, dashboard, inside of the door and rubber around the bottom of the driver’s seat. This area is the first view a customer gets of our bus, and it needs to be completely spotless.(Required)
Vacuum Drivers area and stair area.(Required)
The white area by the steps needs to be cleaned thoroughly using All-purpose cleaner so that it is bright white.(Required)

Exterior Wash Service

All luggage bays all need to be opened up, swept and mopped.(Required)
Make sure water jug in white supply box is full.(Required)
Using soap and water hand brush the front of the bus making sure you get ALL bugs off of the windshield and black area on the top of the bus. Use ladder if necessary to make sure all bugs are removed. When hand brushing the front do around front sides (door area, mirrors, and driver side windows).(Required)
Using soap and water hand brush the back of the bus making sure all of the oil spots have been removed.(Required)
Using soap and Water hand brush all of the wheels, rims, and vertical louvers. Rinse the front and back of the bus, wheels and rims, making sure you remove all of the soap residue.(Required)
Take Bitimec automatic brush around the sides and back of the bus.(Required)
Squeegee all windows and mirrors. Make sure there are no streaks. Use Glass Cleaner if necessary.(Required)

Supply Service (Make Sure the buses have exactly this amount of supplies in the bus)

4 rolls of Toilet Paper(Required)
2 full rolls of paper towels(Required)
1 bottle of All-purpose cleaner (make sure it is full or refill as needed)(Required)
1 bottle of Glass Cleaner (make sure it is full or refill as needed)(Required)
3 Air Fresher Discs rotated monthly(Required)
1 bottle of Hand Sanitizer(Required)
2 small bottles of toilet chemical (refill bottles as needed) Bus may need more but will be directed to amount by office.(Required)
1 roll of garbage bags each size (If the roll doesn’t appear to have many bags left on it then remove and put new roll on)(Required)