Accident / Collision Procedures

The Driver MUST Call a Manager Immediately After Causing Damage to Coach or Other Property. Any Damage, No Matter How Slight the Damage appears, must be reported.

The Manager must submit the TSS Form immediately following the incident at the following link:

The Manger must ensure they obtain the following information from the driver:

  • Ask the Driver if he/she is injured
  • Ask if anyone else has been injured
  • Are any of the vehicles being towed from the scene
  • If driver is not reporting from the scene ask why. (Remind driver this is required.)
  • Have the Police been notified. (This is not necessary with minor collisions)
  • Are there any citations that will be issued (Hearse, Nurse, or Tow) Is Drug and Alcohol Testing Required – Call and Ask Someone if you are NOT SURE
  • Is the coach Safe to Continue to Operate
  • Where did the collision take place – What Coach Number is Involved
  • Is the Coach Safe to Continue to Operate

Did adequate pictures get taken? Do NOT forget to take pictures!!!!

  1. All Damage to Coach
  2. All Damage to Other Vehicle(s) (Even if you do think there is none!)
  3. All Damage to Property (Even if you think there is none!)
  4. All Pictures should be at point of contact
  5. All other damage that existed to the property or vehicle
  6. All Overview photos of the Scene
  7. All Roadway Signs in the area that identify Traffic Flow or Max Height

Get the Name, Phone Number and Insurance Information of the Other Party.

Driver will complete the Accident Form that is available at the Driver TSS Forms link:

There is also a Witness Information Form that should be completed by any and all witnesses.  The link to the form is: or they can click on the following QR Code: