About TSS

Transportation Safety Systems was developed as a Cloud Based Safety Management System that adheres to the FMCSA Safety Management Cycle. This SMS was created as a system to meet the needs of one of the largest Northwest Motor Carriers and was initially based on the Lancer Insurance Video Training series, and has since been augmented with many additional training curriculum to cover areas of special concern for the Motor Coach Industry.

The primary focus is Driver Training programs and consistent delivery and testing methods. This allows employers to ensure that all drivers have exposure to base line information and training materials. With associated tests and quizzes, the training organization can document that the training was provided and obtain data reflecting which areas a driver may need attention in moving forward.

As the SMS system has grown, it has been determined that there are additional areas that need to be addressed. Several of these approaches include Monthly Refresher, Policies and Procedures, and Safety and Equipment Training courses. The system Includes Remedial training components, and the delivery mechanism is convenient and trackable, which allows freedom of trainers to let the Pupil Drivers complete the required materials at their own pace, and focus on providing the requisite hands on training with the pupil as required. By creating the delivery mechanism and tracking, the company can devote the driver trainer resources to a more valuable area with greater rewards from the human resource side.

As more users of the SMS system become active, it has been determined that several issues exist which are being addressed. Sales and manager Training courses are available to cross train departments to be sensitive to Safety and Compliance related driver issues. Many persons in sales can forget that selling a product at the upper limits of Available hours has a severe impact of safety, so this has become an essential focus for TSS users.

With the addition of the Pre-Boarding and Mid-Boarding tools, companies have the information available to determine if potential applicants are qualified, and what areas of training they may need to become the safest and most qualified drivers available. Tools that help onboarding new employees and adhere to qualification and compliance issues have been created, and when combined with an appropriate storage repository, the system has helped users pass Insurance, DOT, DOD and FMCSA audits.

 Annual review tools for both drivers and managers have expedited the process of adhering to the FMCSA SMC. By basing the entire system on this design, the tool meets the needs of providing the necessary information and architecture to adhere to the SMC. By running all employees through the system, identification and documentation of the knowledge can begin with the policies and procedures of the SMC. Creating the architecture provides the training to identify the roles and responsibilities of each team member in an organization. Helping to provide and document training materials helps companies hire better applicants, and allow measurement of necessary areas of improvement to reduce damage and injury.


The training and communication of the system allows a broad reach to organizations that have multiple locations, and again, documentation of dissemination of relevant information and a measurement tool for managers of how that information is being dealt with related to training makes for compliance with the monitoring and tracking requirements.  With the annual review tools for both employees and managers, system owners can address shortcomings in the programs and address them with corrections of the systems in place on an annual basis to improve the policies and procedures of the organization.

You, as the owner of a luxury coach company, have created a corporate culture of safety and adherence to the highest standards in the land. Should any additional details of the specialized training systems that have been created for your company be needed or demonstrated, TSS will happily schedule a demonstration meeting for review as allowed by the SMS system owner. Thanks for your attention, please call or write with your needs for additional information.

Marty Sederberg, Developer, Transportation Safety Systems

Marty@transportationsafetysystems.com or 206-999-3619